Hello and welcome to obbys site! Here you might learn about obby himself! stick around for a while.

Who is obby?

Obby is a average person on the Internet, just like you! But has alot of interests! A few of them are, Old gen consoles (like the PS3, PSvita and The wii), Old Playstation exclusives (Obby has been a fan of the Littlebigplanet and inFAMOUS game series since 2011!), Obby also likes to spend alot of time on reddit, he is currently waiting for the next r/place. (fun fact, obby took part in xQcOWs army is r/place 2022! also dellor and xQc are obbys fav streamers). Obby is also known as a few different names such as: FindDavid, Tom, TJ, Funny british person and SasquatchHuntin! (most of these are old names, but obby doesn't mind being called them).

Ok that's cool and all, but what is obbys radio?

You may have clicked on this website from obbys about section on discord, or maybe another thing but who knows. obbys radio, is a playlist created by obby on youtube, it contains some of obbys favourite songs and genres! including shitposts, mashups, some rap and obbys personal favourite, Vaporwave! why dont you pop by and listen for a while? Listen to obbys radio!
last but not least, obbys discord server!
Hey you! did you know obby has a discord server? You didn't? Well that's not a problem chum! obbys discord server, also known as THE VAULT, is a SCP/ shitpost hangout server! Feel free to come by and have a little chat and chill! Join Now! and thats the end of the tour! thanks for checking out my page, feel free to join my discord or add me, more of my socials are listed on my discord profile, but eitherway, have a good one!